The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is an endangered species in Hawaii, however they are the most easy to find and fun to photograph species because they move slow. Capturing the different looks and angles of these guys is a blast. Often times I come across Turtles that have been hit by boats so they have injuries like missing parts of their shell or a fin that has been severed off. Another thing that is common to see on our Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are cancerous lumps. These come from human contact so I always educate people to give Turtles respectful distance and never to touch them so they don’t catch diseases from our skin. One time I sent a picture in to a research group of a Turtle who I photographed on Makaha Beach, the west side of Oahu. The group has marked this Turtle and said that this Turtle is originally from Makaha and they took him in to captivity to heal a wound he had suffered from by being hit by a boat then released him back in Kaneohe Bay which is the East side of Oahu. Well, my photo proved to them the amazing navigation skills Turtles poses because years after being released, this Turtle made his way back home to the West side of the Island.