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Incorporating people into this environment is always a gratifying experience often resulting in a striking, dramatic picture that illuminates new aspects of a person’s personality and their connection to the natural world. Set in the sometimes otherworldly environment of water, capturing people in settings not typical to their everyday existence brings out a unique dimension of a person’s personality and their relationship to the natural world around them. When it comes to taking photos of people diving I like to capture authentic fluid movements and allow my subjects to be like dancers in the light of the rays of water or just move how they do and see what happens. I find enjoyment in just diving and the purity in the desire to do that activity and have that adventure naturally results in magical pictures and magical experiences. My goal is to provide people with beautiful, unique, one of a kind pictures and also provide them with a fulfilling, heart-warming, comfortable ocean experience that will leave them with a wonderful memory of the Hawaiian Islands and their time spent in the ocean here.

Scheduling Your Consultation

My goal is for you to have nothing short of an exceptional experience during your session when working with me. This is why I take the time to have a consultation with your prior to your session so that I can hear your vision, we can choose the right location, prepare wardrobe, and plan the best package for your needs. If you are ready to schedule your consultation click the button above and we will hop on a call! I so look forward to hearing from you and capturing your these incredible moments for you.

Planning Your Session

I want you to have the most magical experience during your session and that is often found in the details! During our consultation, we will talk through the locations that are viable for the type of session you are requesting, wardrobe recommendations, what to expect during your session, and how to prepare for the big day! Additionally, we will confirm your session date and collect your reservation deposit.

Recieving Your Images

Once we have completed your session the next fun part begins and that is where I take the time to go through and choose your best images for editing. It is my goal to give you the poses you desired, while also ensuring they are within the best choice of images. I cannot guarantee the weather conditions nor every pose you desire, but it is always my mission to do my best to provide that to you! Depending on the type of session you have chosen will depend on the number of images you will receive for download.

Editing Times

My standard turn around time is 10-14 business days Monday-Friday. Once your gallery is ready to view you will receive an email to access it along with your password. The gallery will be filled with the best shots from your session. You can then review your album and choose which shots you would like from album. (Example if your session includes 25 images you would be able to look through all of the images and choose the 25 images that you would like most) Once you have selected the images you like, we will send those final photographs to you via email in a zip drive along with a print release.

Storage and Backup

It is imperative that you back these images up in multiple places in case you lose access to your email where the files were originally sent. We cannot guarantee the storage of your files once they have been released to you and do not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen images after delivery. If you would like to purchase additional images for download beyond what was included in your session you may do so by sending a request. Each additional image download is $25.00 per shot and must be paid before additional images will be sent.

Deposit & Cancellation

All sessions are required to have a $50.00 non-refundable deposit upon reserving your date. Cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours in advance and rescheduling of the session must take place within 30 days to use deposit towards total session balance.

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